Little Grey Hat Productions LLC formed in Spring 2014 to present diverse and unconventional theatrical experiences in unique locations. Based in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, we believe that an enlightened theater audience should have something more meaty to watch than just Oklahoma!


Not that there's really anything wrong with Oklahoma!, I mean, when it came out, it was extremely revolutionary, and all these soldiers who'd been fighting in Europe and the Pacific were seeing it and thinking "This is what I fought for!"


Of course, nowadays, some of them might also think "Hey, where are all the Native Americans?" But that's...


...Uh, sorry about that, got a little... off-topic there. Anyway, more details to come soon!


Dylan H. Jones

Owner, LGHP. Wanted to do this all his life. So... he did it.

Anna Trinci

PR Consultant. Keeps us from doing boring stuff, or talking about it. Also, dances a lot.

Amanda Heisey

Media Guru. Reminds us that there's always something there to... hey, wait a minute...

Ann Morrison

Director. Visionary. Been on Broadway, so she knows what's up.

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